Finding the perfect dress

Trying to decide on a wedding dress can be a difficult task but fun task. There are a few suggestions to remember according to Raquel Kelley, author of “What not to do when picking out a wedding dress,” when choosing a wedding dress. First, “don’t believe everything you see on TV,” Kelley said. When trying on dresses, don’t rush or stress, move around in the dress to test how it will react at the wedding and don’t forget to take photos to remember the dresses.


For anyone who’s ever seen TLC’s TV program, Say Yes to the Dress, don’t believe the myth that you must have this amazing moment where everyone is in tears and emotional. According to Kelley, “Cut to me finding my dress: ‘Yeah, it’s cool. I like it.’ That’s it. No tears, no angels, no tissues. That was seriously it.” Really, it depends on your personality. Some brides will get emotional while others will be reasonably blasé about finding the right dress. For me, personally, there were tears, and it was hard to catch my breath.


When it comes to purchasing the wedding dress, don’t get exasperated. Try to enjoy the process, but make sure to do your research. “If you think you’ve found your dress, go home and see when that designer is having their next trunk show. That way you’ll be buying your dream dress, but with at least 10 percent off, which will likely cover your sales tax,” Kelley said.


When you go into the store there is a standard drill, according to Kelley. “Stand on a podium, suck it in, smile, and try to picture yourself wearing that gown.” Keep in mind to move around. Don’t just stand there and stare at yourself in the mirror. Even though it is so exciting and enjoyable, remember that on your big day, you’ll be sitting, dancing, and of course, walking down the aisle.


Be sure to take lots of pictures from all different angles when trying on your dress. On the wedding day the photographer will be getting shots of you from every single angle. The guests will see you from all different angles too. As such, you’ll want to make sure you like the way you look from every angle. “You can’t pick and choose what glimpses people will get of you in your dress, so make sure your dress not only flatters your front, but your back, your sides, and every area in between,” Kelley said.



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