Deciding on the right music for your wedding

Choosing the right genres of music for a wedding can be difficult because guests have widely varying tastes. According to Liz Moorhead’s APW article, “How To Pick Your Wedding Playlist,” there are a few things to remember when choosing the music. The article stresses the importance of starting the planning early on, choosing from your existing playlists, break up the day with different music, and asking family and friends for their input.


Picking music for the wedding can be challenging, so start as early as possible when planning. It will probably be tough to get the choices down to make up a playlist that flows properly. According to the Moorhead, “Starting the playlist four or five months out was about right for us—it let us tinker with it sporadically, coming back with fresh ears after leaving it alone for a while.”


Most people probably think music planning is as easy as Googling wedding playlists; however, that will just provide you with unoriginal, played out songs suggestions. Instead, be original. “The music we had already collected was what spoke to us the most,” Moorhead said. So, if you search through the music you already have, you’ll most likely find songs you love and your partner love.


Create several lists of songs. The wedding should consist of the pre-ceremony, walking down the aisle, cocktail hour, dinner and the dance floor. This will help to break up what you have chosen into different sets.


Don’t forget to get some help by asking family and friends. Do this by putting a spot on your RSVP cards for the guests to make suggestions. If you do that, however, don’t be afraid to scrap any songs you don’t like. It’s your wedding!


Keep in mind that not everyone is going to care about the music as much as you do. “Thinking back to the weddings we’ve been to over the years we remember very few of the specific songs that were played—even for iconic moments like first dances,” Moorhead said. Also, not every song will appeal to everyone, so don’t be afraid to throw in some songs that you love. Once again, it’s your wedding!



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