Steps to finding the perfect wedding cake

When planning the perfect wedding, the cake is a big deal as it is both ceremonial and practical. Guests enjoy seeing the cake being cut and it’s a nice treat. Choosing the right cake designer is extremely important.


According to a Bridal Guide article titled ,“Choosing the perfect wedding cake”, “You’ll want to start your search for a cake designer about three to six months before the wedding.” It’s important to start looking early because designers tend to book several months into the future, and you’ll want to get on their schedule.


According to Jamie Beckman, author of the “6 tips for the perfect wedding cake,” “One cardinal sin is waiting until the last minute to design and order a cake. Special ingredients and decorations sometimes need to be ordered and, in some cases, created from scratch, which takes considerable experimentation.”


To decide on a cake designer, start by asking friends or family who are already married. They might be able to recommend someone they used or someone they found while doing their search. According to Bridal Guide, if you receive any recommendations, go and check out that person’s website, so you can get a better idea of their design style. “Is it traditional, simply elegant, modern, whimsical, or intricate?”


Also remember to taste test all sorts of different cake samples. Don’t just focus on the design of the cake. According to Bridal Guide, “Do not compromise taste for the look of the cake.” Taste tests are one of the fun parts of the wedding planning process that both the bride and groom will love.


Once you’ve decided on a cake designer, share as many photos as possible with the vendor. This will give the designer a really good idea of what you want. According to Bridal Guide, “Provide the baker with as much information about your wedding as you can, such as the location, the level of formality, your dress, the colors, the flowers, and the menu.” By providing the designer with more information, they’ll be able to create a cake that matches the image you had in mind.


Don’t forget about the budget! According to a HuffPost article titled, “How to choose the perfect wedding cake,” Marina Sousa said, “Have a general budget determined before arriving. If budget is an issue, just be upfront about it.” It’s important to set a budget for each item of your wedding, so you are able to keep the overall cost down.


Marina Sousa said, “Only bring the people involved in making the final decision to your consultation. I know cake tasting is the one wedding chore that you will surely get a lot of volunteers for! Too many opinions are distracting and ultimately complicate the process.” Remember… the two most important opinions are that of the bride and the groom!


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