Planning the perfect menu for your wedding

When planning the menu for a wedding it is important to focus on the details. According to Libby MacCarthy, author of “How to Plan a Ridiculously Delicious Menu,” important details to remember include the budget, guest list, dietary restrictions, style and creativity. It’s also essential to plan ahead.


When planning a wedding, always plan out your budget first. Try to do it as early as possible. This way you can allocate how much to spend on each part of the wedding.


To get the best caterer that suits all your needs and desires, do not delay on reserving the ideal supplier. It’s important to reserve them as soon as possible because catering companies book far into the future at times. According to Libby MacCarthy, “Some [venues] will require you to use their caterer or will have a short list of wedding pros they work with exclusively. Even if you’re allowed to bring in your own chef, you may be charged extra, so request a tasting with the in-house one.”


Think about how many people will be attending the wedding. This will help you decide on a menu. Think of smart ways to cut costs. “For instance, by doing a pasta bar with interesting vegetarian mix-ins instead of a traditional carving station,” said MacCarthy. This will give you more flexibility to spend additional money on other aspects of your wedding.


Also, remember to plan for any guests who may have a dietary restriction or allergy. “Talk with your caterer about these challenges well in advance,” said MacCarthy.


Furthermore, when planning the meal, it’s important to design an option that will fit the venue and style of the reception. For instance, with a more formal wedding, a sit-down meal with multiple courses might be ideal. If the wedding is less formal, appetizers and finger foods or a buffet might be preferable. When determining the dinner style, the two major considerations include the budget and the food preferences of your guests.


Try to bring some creativity to the meal. According to MacCarthy, “Choose a caterer who cares as much about presentation as they do about taste.”


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